Do these three things to make you healthier and happier, it's free and easy!

The Mind-Body Connection is Real with the Science Behind It

Evidence is growing that the connection between mind and body is real, leading to well-being and physical health. The number of studies from Harvard University, The University of California and others are confirming there is a connection between mindfulness, happiness and overall health.

You are in control of your happiness 50% of the time.

Happiness Determined by:

Past Circumstances
Your Thoughts

The Spine is the Message Highway to the Brain

• The brain gets information from the body through the spine

• When the spine is aligned, the messages to the brain are clear and concise

• When the spine is not aligned, it sends faulty information to the brain​

• Gentle chiropractic adjustments re-align the spine and opens up the nerve pathways so your brain receives the correct messaging from the body in order to heal itself on its own​

100% Mindfulness Will Make Your More Happy

• Multi-tasking is unproductive and exhaustive

• 50% of the time, your mind is wondering regardless of what you are doing

•When you are 100% engaged in what you are doing (even if you hate the task) you are more happy​

• The more mindful you are, the more productive, successful and happy you are ​

•When you are 100% engaged in what you are doing (even if you hate the task) you are more happy​

Be Mindful Today

• Decide to be 100% engaged in what you are doing, regardless of the task​

• When your mind wonders, refocus by doing some deep breathing to relax your mind (just like meditation)​

• Take a break from technology and spend time outdoors

• Simply choose to be happy by being 100% present with family, friends and your pets

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