Cross Training or Sports Pairing in Youth Sports

Cross training is a way to prevent sports injuries in children. Both aerobic exercise and activities that pomote muscle and bone strength are recommended for children. For younger children, organized sports may not provide enough activity for them, so they should be encouraged to pair weekly practices and games with personal fitness activities like walking, dancing, hiking, etc. 

According to the LA Times the top five most popular youth sports in the country are basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, lacross, and tennis.


Athletic adults should also look into sports pairing to avoid injury and keep their activities varied for best performance. MyMACWellness.com 

Cross training for runners: full body strength training, diverse aerobic training like swimming or cycling

Cross training for cycling: both aerobic exercise (like running and swimming) and anaerobic exercise (like HIIT training and weightlifting) can improve strength and endurance. Other exercises like yoga can improve flexibility and core strength.