Physical Activities

Physical activity can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Physical activity can also help improve your mood and cognitive functions like decision making and learning. 

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Staying Young

Surveys show that the older people get, the younger they feel. However, despite this attitude of youthful spirit, a report from the Pew Research Center found that many older people are concerned with issues surrounding health and wellness, including dementia, memory loss, serious illness, and loneliness. How can the 50+ crowd continue to reap the benefits of youth even as they age in face of these problems?

Why Chiropractic Care?
In addition to helping reduce back and neck pain, research shows chiropractic is beneficial in reducing headaches and digestive issues, while also improving immune function.
Faster injury recovery
Studies have linked chiropractic care with faster healing.
Injury prevention
If the musculoskeletal (bones and tissue) system is out of alignment, due to overtraining for instance, it can create tension in one area of the body. And if this tension is able to persist, a sprain, strain, or other similar injury can result.
Improved strength
Chiropractic care athletes improves strength. A study involving elite Taekwondo athletes received one session of care and the resulted in increased muscle strength when compared to a control group. 
Increased flexibility
“All athletes can benefit from performance flexibility” according to the United States Sports Academy. Greater flexibility offers greater injury protection and improved sports performance. 

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