50+ Dance

For older adults, dance can support overall health by exercising the body, stimulating the mind, and providing opportunities for social interaction.

Dance Best Suited for 50+ Seniors

Ballroom Dancing

Social interactions can boost emotional health, and ballroom dancing provides the perfect opportunity for you to combine socialization and cognitive functions with light exercise.

Line Dancing

Line dancing is a form of an aerobic exercise, often done in groups with a sequence of repeating steps or moves. Line dancing encourages communication, teamwork, improved balace and coordination.

Tap Dancing

Fans of classic movie and Broadway musicals may really get into tap dancing. It’s not usually a partner dance, but for building leg strength, balance, and quickness of movement, it’s hard to beat.


Ballet is a low impact dance style that helps build leg, hip and back strength as well as increase balance, coordination and flexibility.

Chair Dancing

Chair dancing is a great alternative for seniors who are unable to stand for long periods or have limited mobility can get creative and use chairs. You can stretch from side to side, reach high and low, kick your feet, and roll the ankles using multiple dance styles such as tap, belly, line and ballroom dancing.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a low-impact activity that builds strength, improves balance, and increases flexibility within your core muscles while still providing stress relief through its calming rhythmic music.

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