Roller skating is a great way to get exercise, and it’s fun for the whole family. Integrating chiropractic care into your routine can help you roller skate more comfortably and safely by promoting flexibility and balance. 

Here’s a free in depth guide for all things roller skating, promoted by the Michigan Association of Chiropractors. 

Roller Rink Locations open to the public:

BonaVenture Family Skating Center Farmington Hills
Address: 24505 Halsted Road, Farmington Hills

Phone: 248-476-2200

Lincoln Park Skating Center
Address: 1419 Southfield Road, Lincoln Park
Phone: 313-381-7465

Northland Roller Rink
Address: 22311 W. Eight Mile Road, Detroit
Phone: 313-535-1666

Riverside Arena Roller Skating Center
Address: 36635 Plymouth Road, Livonia
Phone: 734-421-3540

Rolladium Skating Center
Address: 4475 Highland Road, Waterford
Phone: 248-674-3949

RollerCade Detroit
Address: 2130 Schaefer Highway, Detroit
Phone: 313-736-0832

Rollerama Family Skating Center Brighton
Address: 6995 Grand River Road, Brighton
Phone: 810-227-2010

Royal Skateland
Address: 5201 Alter Road, Detroit
Phone: 313-882-5911

Skatin Station II
Address: 8611 Ronda Drive, Canton
Phone: 734-459-6401

Skate World of Troy
Address: 2825 E. Maple Road, Troy
Phone: 248-689-4100

The Great Skate
Address: 29100 Hayes, Roseville
Phone: 586-777-4300

The New Rink
Address: 50625 Van Dyke Ave., Shelby Township
Phone: 586-731-5006

Best Walkways and Trails for Skating

On nice days in Michigan, try skating these outdoor paved trials. Click the button below for more information on trail names and locations.

Join a Roller Skating Club/Group

Roller Skating Lessons

Riverside Arena
Livonia, MI
Why Chiropractic Care?
In addition to helping reduce back and neck pain, research shows chiropractic is beneficial in reducing headaches and digestive issues, while also improving immune function.
Faster injury recovery
Studies have linked chiropractic care with faster healing.
Injury prevention
If the musculoskeletal (bones and tissue) system is out of alignment, due to overtraining for instance, it can create tension in one area of the body. And if this tension is able to persist, a sprain, strain, or other similar injury can result.
Improved strength
Chiropractic care athletes improves strength. A study involving elite Taekwondo athletes received one session of care and the resulted in increased muscle strength when compared to a control group. 
Increased flexibility
“All athletes can benefit from performance flexibility” according to the United States Sports Academy. Greater flexibility offers greater injury protection and improved sports performance.